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Anthony - Crystal and Intuitive Card Reader, Intuitive Counselor

Availability: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 11am – 6pm with 24 hours notice. If you’d like to schedule a session with Anthony for a same day appointment, please call us at 646-781-9377 and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Anthony has been providing intuitive readings in New York City since 1968. His clientele is now global and continues to expand.  Anthony’s academic training in behavioral science influences his perspective as a reader,  and his approach is to help a client identify their ‘original wounds’ and gently guide them to modify and correct behavioral patterns that are counterproductive to their overall wellbeing.  Employing the principles of Sacred Geometry via the use of crystalline structures, creative visualization and meditation maximizes the results of his sessions.

He authored and has been teaching a workshop series in self empowerment since 1971.  That course of study continues to evolve as quantum science reveals evidence that explains events that were previously considered mystical.  He strives to provide and present the most recent scientific data to support each workshop.  Topics include: Meditation and Creative Visualization, Creating Your Personal Sacred Space, Developing Your Intuition, Elemental Balancing and Guided Meditations.