Deborah – Psychic-Medium, Intuitive Reader, Crystal Energy Worker

Availability: Tuesday, 11am – 7pm

Deborah is classically trained as a Psychic-Medium and Meditation Teacher who also uses her natural intuitive and healing abilities in each of her sessions to share wisdom with all of her clients. Currently, Deborah combines her psychic, intuitive guidance, healing and meditation work in all of her sessions to usher her clients to a better place of peace, harmony, balance and clarity. She believes, adding crystals to her work not only enhances the experience for her clients but also intensifies the results, energy healing and readings.

Deborah is gifted in Psychometry and uses all five of the “Clairs” (the 5 senses) when doing her work. As a young woman she was recognized for her “sixth sense” and talent to tap in and be guided by Spirit. Her natural ability to make a clear, concise and powerful connection was something she always remembers having access to and is still successfully utilizing it in her sessions today. Deborah is best known for bridging the two
worlds together to bring messages and energy work infused with Love and Healing. She is currently working on a program for Meditation helping Adults and Teens develop their intuitive gifts.