Marlaisa - Sound Healer

Availability: Sunday, 11am – 7pm

During a Sound Bath, blood floods the organs with important nutrients and oxygen. As a result, the brain balances nitric oxide as well as deep breathing slows the heart, releasing muscular tension.

Marlaisa’s journey has taught her not only the importance of not giving up but also that the body has a deep wisdom and astonishing ability to heal itself. All we need to do is listen and support it in the process. The foundation of her stress relief method is sound. Sound is one of the highest vibrational healing tools we have. In fact, the vagus nerve, that transitions our bodies from fight or flight to rest and digest, is particularly sensitive to sound and is often immediately affected during a session.

People always walk away from my sessions feeling empowered to choose how they respond to their emotions with the tools they need to release stress anywhere and anytime.

Professional Trainings
Sound Therapies. Programs and Degrees:
• Masters Degree in classically trained music & sound
Professional Sound Practitioner & Therapy Certification @MNDFL

Meditation & Mindfullness Programs:
• Trained in Transmission Ceremony, Thich That
• Trained in Hanh’s Mindfulness Trainings
• Certified in Terry Cortes-Vega Meditation, @ Dallas Meditation Center

Yoga Teacher Trainings:
Various Yoga trainings by industry pioneers, including Therapeutic Yoga and Yoga Mentorship