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Maryl - Reiki Master and Crystal Healer

Availability: Friday, 12pm-7pm

If you would like to book an appointment with Maryl on a day other than Friday, please call us at 646-781-9203 or email us at info@awunderground.com to confirm her availability.

Maryl Hosking is a Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer, Certified Tao Geomancy Consultant (an ancient esoteric practice similar to Feng Shui, working with earth energies), and Crystal Grid Creatrix.

Maryl was first introduced to the world of crystals and intuitively began working with their energies as a teen. Becoming engrossed in conventional life, she followed a traditional path pursuing a successful career in the arts and then dedicating herself to raising her two children. Years later, after realizing a piece of her “life’s puzzle” was missing, Maryl began to throw herself into the work of rediscovery. From there she has drawn a deep (re)connection to crystals, energy healing, and the earth.

Using Reiki alone, or in combination with Crystal Healing, Maryl intuitively brings your chakras (energy systems) into balance so that they flow freely in a state of homeostasis. Her work runs between one’s inner and outer worlds, restoring harmony and self-healing. Her clients leave with a deep sense of relaxation, and empowerment.

Maryl also intuitively creates truly unique crystal grids that combine her knowledge of crystals and environmental energies with Reiki, for healing; goals; home; office; events and ceremonies.

“When we heal ourselves, we heal the world…”

– Mark Nepo