September 22nd: Meditation, Relaxation and Creative Visualization


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Please note: This class has filled up. We are hosting another class on Tuesday, 9/24, from 7pm to 9pm as well as Sunday, 9/29, from 2pm-4pm for those interested in taking it. Please use the buttons below to sign up for the date that works best for you.

 Join our resident intuitive, Anthony, for a class on Meditation, relaxation, and creative visualization.

“As you see your world, so shall it become”   Seeing an obstacle from a different perspective can often change the eventual outcome.  How many times have you imagined or wished for something in your immediate future so strongly and in such detail that it actually unfolded exactly as you had hoped? 

This lesson will teach you basic techniques that will induce a state of complete physical relaxation. This relaxed state is the first step in attaining the ability to meditate and use creative visualization as a tool to re-write the next chapter of your own life story.  

Learn to “see” your future as you would like it to become, and how to manifest that vision as a reality in your day to day life by using basic principles of quantum physics. All you need is the ability to focus and a strong will!

This class will run from 2pm to 4pm. Please RSVP in advance as space will be limited.

If you participated in this class, please use the button below to purchase a copy of Anthony’s meditation.