June 19: Mind, Body, Spirit, Energy Basics: Personal Metaphysics 101


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Qi, Aura, Life Force, Energy Work, Chakra~Sfirot, Meridians, Tree of Life, Meditation, Intuitive connection. All terminology and designations that apply to the Physical and Ethereal human condition; the Mind~Body~Spirit~Environment balance and interconnection.

This Workshop is an introduction to the Physical, Metaphysical and Ethereal connections to identify, understand and connect with the ethereal self, life, the universe. A Guided exploration and explanation of Energy Work and its’ applications via safe, simple techniques of Meditation, Qi Movement, Sfirot/Chakra, Aura and connection to the universal life energy. Mind~Body~Spirit~Energy Basics Metaphysics 101 covers the principle and is free of dogma enabling each participant fully integrate these basics to personal belief system and practice.

Together, we will be exploring:
1. Meditation Technique: basic, proactive practices to enter into nourishing and safe level of centered thought and self. The gateway to metaphysical/physical balance
2. Life Energy/Qi: connecting and modulating personal and ambient energy to increase health, healing and well being.
3. Chakra/Sfirot: what and where they are: opening the self to universal communion and intuitive attenuation
4. Aura, the Ethereal field: recognition and control, shielding and reading of the body’s energy field

Mind~Body~Spirit~Energy Workshop is the hands on techniques and practice workshop you’ve been waiting for: all levels of expertise, novice to practitioner are welcome.

Students are encouraged to bring a yoga mat, prayer rug or beach towel to recline on.

This All Alchemy Moderne workshops are non-denominational, conducted with respect for all productive mythologies and open to all levels of expertise. Alchemy Moderne workshops are practical, hands on and interactive to ensure each student is refreshed and ready to embrace the world.

Workshop Fee: $40 payable via cc or cash at Astro West the day of the event.

Please rsvp directly to Redboxjade@hotmail.com

Alchemy Moderne Workshops are created and taught by B.Ber, Professional Metaphysical Practitioner, Consultant and Educator.


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