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– The cornerstone of Alchemy – aka the “philosopher’s stone”, Cerussite is one of the most powerful stones for self transformation and transmutation. A form of Lead, when combined with the main organic compound of Carbon, it becomes a stunning gemstone! A rarity and the centerpiece that we are proud to offer in this package.



–  The stone of magic and strength, its wonderful multi-colored flashes instigate the psychic abilities to navigate and amplify protective qualities that assist in self transformation.



– A powerful stone of manifestation and journeying that opens doors to the spiritual realm. Useful when experiencing change as it assists in directioning the flow of intention.


Aqua Aura

– Amplifies all chakras and the entire Aura – a stone of very high and intense vibration. Bonded with Gold, it acts as a powerful protector through self transformation and a major uplifter through emotional struggles.



The most powerful heart stone. Whilst still retaining the gentle soothing, uplifting joy of the power of the heart, its potential is tremendous in removing all blockages from the sources of love in our life. A great ally for centeredness in the journey of transformation.



A protective and detoxifying stone – Sardonyx strengthens willpower and character. This never-before-seen and unique quality, features intense banding and colors that are perfect in aiding self-transformation for grounding the new shifts and shedding the layers of old.



The great cleanser! Selenite comes with all of our kits and it provides a medium of cleansing for all your stones so that no maintenance is required. Simply place the stones near or on the Selentie when in use or when on display in your home. Clears all blockages and transforms the negative into positive. A prerequisite for all crystal work!



The density and weight of Lead aids one in the sense of being in the body and connecting to the core of the self and the Earth. Lending a sense of strength and courage, it acts as a mirror to our shadow and gently encourages us to see where we are afraid.  It enables us to be grounded and fully committed to the present and in our body.


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