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Stacy - Homeopathy, Reiki

Availability: With 24 hours notice, Stacy is available on Thursdays. Please call us at 646-781-9203 to schedule an appointment.

Stacy is a homeopath, certified yoga teacher, reiki master and intuitive reader. Her path began 25 years ago as a devoted student to some of today’s most prominent alternative teachers; Deepak Chopra and Caroline Myss where she became adept at learning the chakra system and various other forms of energy medicine. In addition to homeopathy and yoga, she practices the tarot,Vedic meditation, and shamanic healing. Stacy has a BA in Psychology and Literature, a yoga certification in the tradition of the Iyengar Method and is licensed through the Center for Homeopathic Education in NYC. Stacy’s sessions are geared to homeopathic consultations allowing for and utilizing her unique skillset for a truly holistic healing session.