Adam Sharon - Acupuncturist, Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Pulse Reading Practitioner

Sessions with Adam are temporarily unavailable. Please check back in May.

Adam has studied and practiced acupuncture since 2004 and is well versed at the discipline from a multitude of lineages. He has been a student under some of the worlds most well known teachers and practitioners and has learned side by side from some of the most elite teachers of Chinese Medicine in the west since 2001. During this period Adam also trained in China as a student under the tutelage of world renown teacher, Jeffery Yuen, a priest in the Jade Purity sect of Daoism.

Adam’s background is rich in tradition and spans a wide array, especially from the original ancient protocol utilizing the 74 meridian channel diagnosis, instead of the 12- channel practice offered mostly in the West. The deep experiences and training Adam underwent led him to explore more serious and profound studies. Hence, he later combined his passion for the art of ancient medicine with his love of the Healing Arts, and in 2013 his Intuitive Pulse Reading Therapy was born, one of Adam’s greatest accomplishments.

One of Adam’s signatures and exclusive offerings at Sacred Geometry is from the Earth School protocol of classic medicine and esoteric acupuncture where he interlaces three sacred geometric shapes and strategically positions them on the body to help achieve balance, grounding, inner harmony/ connection with one self and greater intuitive openness.

Adam has been practicing professionally for about 10 years and has run several successful practices both in and outside of New York, including West Chester, Manhattan and Montauk.