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B.Ber – Kabbalist, Metagemologist, Energy Worker, Teacher

Availability: With 24 hours notice, B. is available any day of the week. Please call us at 646-781-9203 to schedule an appointment.

LightWork Practitioner Health & Wellness Consultant, Kabbalist, Metegemologist, Educator, Intuitive Counselor.  

A Practicing Kabbalist, B bases her Therapeutic LightWork/Energy Work diagnostics, therapies & treatments on the doctrine of the Kabbalah: the Sfirot, the Tree of Life, (also known as the Chakra and Meridians) including Kabbalist principles to optimize and balance the mind, body and spirit.

A knowledgeable Metagemologist, B practices through the seminal works of Melody’s “Love is in the Earth” Encyclopedias & Hall’s “Crystal Bible” series, as well as the GIA Gemological syllabus.  B’s metaphysical gemological expertise combined with deep understanding of Feng Shui, and Intuitive Energy Movement provides wonderful EcoQi cleanses, design and balance for home and office.  An accomplished nondenominal LightWork practitioner, working with the entire being and soul’s many journeys and guises through time and a renown Classic and Intuitive Tarot reader.

A life time of study, teaching and practice of the foundation principles of natural, traditional and scientific Healing Arts and Sciences, B is fluent and in a diverse range of Ancient and Modern therapeutic and spiritual practices. A respected Metaphysical Educator, Eco-Qi designer, Horticulturalist, Seer, Spiritual Humanist Cleric, Executive Chef, & Lecturer: B.Ber is based in New York City and serves clients World Wide.

Each custom created session with B is nourishing, centering and exhilarating; maximizing the client’s balance and Personal Wellbeing.